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Participation,organizational democracy, self-management


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In accordance with the Minutes from RC10 Board & Business Meeting, September 7 2008 and from ISA Research Council Business Meeting, September 9 2008, concerning active use of Internet as communication tools to discuss research themes, updating RC10 website, making the papers available online before and after conferences, as well as on the basis of the several months long email correspondence under the track name “RC 10 Internet forum + digital publication of conference papers + netiquette”, we have all now the opportunity to contribute to developing “the idea of a more interactive relationship among us” on the pages of this wiki type Internet Forum enabling threaded discussions.

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Let us begin in the XXI century necessary virtual and interactive practice of participation, organizational democracy, self-management research and self-reflection by editing home and other pages of our RC10 Forum, contributing to lively asynchronous and synchronous debates and deliberation concerning themes of common interest, organizing and posting contributions to past and forthcoming conferences and commenting them, creating specialized networks for planning and conducting common research of selected problems, announce and discuss RC10 statutes, past and future Boards, Budget,
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