The Indian Journal of Industrial Relations

A Review of Economic & Social Development

announces a Special (April 2010) Issue on

Changing Industrial Relations

Guest Editor to the Issue:

Tayo Fashoyin

Officer-in-Charge, In-Focus Program on Strengthening Social Dialogue &
IIRA Secretary, ILO, Geneva

Contributors to the issue include:

Russell Lansbury, University of Sydney
Australia)* John Burgess, University of Newcastle

(Australia)* Joseph S. Lee, National Central University
Taiwan)*Mark Stuart, Leeds University Business School
UK)* György Széll, University of Osnabrueck (Germany)*

Lorenzo Bordogna, Universita degli Study di Milano Italia
(Italy)* Jerome Joseph, Indian Institute of Management (Ahemadabad)* Zhuming Zhao, Nanjing University
(China)* John Kelly, Birkbeck College (London)*
Raymond Murkey, Auckland University of
Technology (New Zealand)* Susan
Hayter, ILO* (Geneva)*