Conclusion: ilpc2012 Stockholm conference

Dear RC10 Friends,
Our ilpc2012 Stockholm conference was - I dare say, a success both sicnetifically and socially. More that 200 participants and almost 200 papers plus symposia and special streams. See the conference blog for info on our plenary talks, and photos and more. To download papers, register at the conference home page. It was really a pity that so few RC10 'activists' were there, would have been nice to have a RC10 sympoisum among the others on 'the Scandinavian model', Volvo Uddevalla or Lean, work life research, wage earner consultants, flexibility etc. Nex ilpc2013 will be at Rutgers in N.J. Perhaps meet there?
Ciao /Åke

March 21, 2012

Conference Programme & Abstracts + Timetable

external image ilpc2012-book-cover-photo4.jpg?w=250&h=333Updated Febryary 23.Final Timetable and Final Programme
We are glad to publish now our Book of ILPC_2012_Programme and Abstracts. You will find the whole programme: Keynote talks by Michel Freysenet (Paris) and Joan Greenbaum (New York), the plenary round table o the ‘Scandinavian model in perspective’, five symposia, special streams and almost 200 papers.
Now, enjoy reading about all the interesting sessions that will happen. And on the social side: the Stockholm city reception on Tuesday in its wellknown City Hall, and on Wednesday the conference dinner.
Here is now the final version of our ILPC2012 Timetable and Schedule You will find the hours for all presentations, talks, panels etc. It is meant to be printed doublesided to get the best overview of the different sessions during each time slot.
We wish all delegates welcome to the Sociology Department, to Stockholm University and to Stockholm.
Fredrik Movitz Åke Sandberg Lotta Stern
Please note: A few papers were cancelled after sending the programme book to the printers. On the other hand, if a paper does not appear, tell us. At the opening of the conference there will be a supplement with all corrections

EARLY BIRD lower fee only until Sunday February 5

(But fees are high, Swedens is rather expensive

Registration at



Ă…ke Sandberg <>
Tue, 29 Nov 2011 09:19:12 +0100
Re: Last call for items for the RC 10 Newsletter

Dear colleagues and friends,
Although RC 10 does not organize any special RC10 sessions at the ILPC2012 in Stockholm next spring, I want to forward a personal welcome to all of you. We are now about to finalize the programme and registration is soon to open at the conference web page. When the programme is published you will find many papers, plenaries and symposia of interest in the area of work, participation and democracy.
Best regards
Åke Sandberg
Former RC 10 President

ILPC 2012 IN STOCKHOLM, MARCH 27-29, 2012
The annual International Labour Process Conference is one of the longest established and best known forums for analysis of all aspects of work and employment, now celebrating its 30th anniversary. During its history, the conference has earned its reputation as a cornerstone of empirical research and cutting edge theoretical debate within the labour process and work organization tradition. Each year, the conference brings together academics, policy makers and practitioners from the sociology of work and employment, human resource management, business and management studies, industrial relations, organizational analysis and other disciplines to discuss and critically assess the develop-ment in the field.

We invite you to join a vibrant forum in Stockholm to discuss change and stability in contemporary working life. As previous years, the conference will include a pre-conference workshop for doctoral students and besides the general conference stream, a number of special streams and symposia.
Web Page and Blog

Apart from the open 'general conference' there will be four special streams:

Further information about the conference, doctoral workshop, special streams and symposia are found at the ILPC web page Also visit the conference blog,, for updates and dialogue.

Registration will open in december att the conference home page

Conference Organizers
Fredrik Movitz
Åke Sandberg
Lotta Stern
All at the Department of Sociology,
Stockholm University

October 16, 2012

ILP2012 International Labour Process Conference, Stockholm, March 27-29, 2012


Photo: Aftonbladet
This picture from a couple of years ago shows researchers protesting against the closing of the Arbetslivsinstitutet /National Institute for Working Life - protesting against the rightwing government's closing of the institute outside the Nobel prize award ceremony. The first evening of our ILPC conference, March 27, the City of Stockholm will give an official reception for the ILPC participants, in the City Hall where the Nobel Prize gala dinner takes place in December every year. Welcome to feel like a Nobel prize winner for fifteen minutes or more.

ILPC News from Stockholm:

Call for Papers and Announcing Special streams. Deadline October 31st 2011.

As announced the 2012 International Labour Process will take place at the University of Stockholm. The deadline for submissions of proposals for abstracts and symposia is 31st October 2011. Abstracts for papers and proposals for symposia can be submitted via the conference website

The majority of papers will be presented with the 'general conference', and the organizing committe will group papers in sessions. Symposia consist of one session (1.5 h) with e.g. a panel debate or something of that kind, which might if you like be based in a background paper. Paper presentations are given in the general conference or in special streams.

The website now contains full details of the special streams that will supplement the general conference. The four streams are:
-S1: Lean in ideology and practice: from labour process and societal effects perspectives
-S2: Putting labour in its place: The Global Commodity Chain, the Global Value Chain, the Global Production Network and Labour Process Analysis
-S3: Work or nature? The Effects of Climate Change on the Labour Process and the Responses of the Labour Movement in the Global South and the Global North
-S4: Global capitalism, national institutions and the comparative political economy of work and employment relations.

Full details can be found at the conference **home page**

We also hope to develop a dialogue with (potential) participants, here on this wiki, and also please visit and comment our **ilpc2012 conference blog** at (the link is now corrected, Oct.20)

For those of you on facebook visit our event there (so far known only to some facebook friends)

If for no other reason come to Stockholm and the ILPC2012 to feel the fame of a Nobel prize winner for fifteen minutes, or more: We were just informed that our application to be received by the city of Stockholm in the City Hall has been accepted. The city will give an official buffet reception in the Blue Hall where this years Nobel Prize dinner will take place.

We look forward to seeing you in Stockholm!
The ilpc2012 organizing committee
Fredrik Movitz, Åke Sandberg, Lotta Stern,
all at Stockholm University, Department of Sociology

Best regards from Åke Sandberg,
former RC10 president

Jul 18, 2011
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WORK MATTERS – Conference in Stockholm March 27-29, 2012

external image AulaMagnainne1-300x203.jpg
ILPC2012 in the Aula Magna conference center. Photo: Orasis

The 30th International Labour Process Conference

to take place at Stockholm University, 27th – 29th March 2012

The International Labour Process Conference (ILPC) is one of the longest established and best known forums for analysis of all aspects of work and employment, now celebrating its 30th anniversary. The 30th conference will be organized by the Sociology dept. at Stockholm university.
During its history, the conference has earned its reputation as a cornerstone of empirical research and cutting edge theoretical debate within the labour process and work organization tradition. Every year, the conference brings together academics and policy makers from the sociology of work and employment, business and management studies, industrial relations, human resource management, organizational analysis and a range of other disciplines to discuss developments in the field, present their research and initiate new collaborations. The primary focus of the ILPC conference is work and its organization in the context of the broader political economy.
We welcome not only researchers but also professionals and practitioners from working life, companies, and labour market organizations.

Call for papers and for arranging a symposium is now open. Submission deadline is 31st October.

Most abstracts will be submitted to the general conference. However, we welcome proposals for special streams, especially if they involve international collaborations.
Streams will involve several sessions during the course of the conference. A symposium is generally one session of 1,5 hours, and the slot may be used in various ways, with various formats.

If you want to discuss ideas of a symposium or a stream you are most welcome to contact me or my colleagues.

My two conference co-organizers are Fredrik Movitz ( and Lotta Stern (, all of us at the Sociology Department of Stockholm University.

We hope to hear from you, and to see you in Stockholm the week before easter next year.

Åke Sandberg

PS July 29 -2011
You may read about the background and history of the ILPC conferences here. The background and starting point with Harry Braverman's book Labour and monopoly capital and his appliocation of Marz's labour process theory is explained as well as developments during the following 30 years which has widened both the theoretical and empirical basis. The Stockholm ilpc2012 is the 30th in this series of conferences.
To access to papers from earliger conferences, and get a feeling of the type of presentations made, go to the conference homepage. There you may register for the conference, send in your abstract etc., but first you must create your (free) account. Later on some of the forthcoming papers will be uploaded there.

external image aulamagna_sno-300x202.jpg
Aula Magna in winter. Aula Magna was created by British-Swedish architect Ralph Erskine. Photo: Orasis