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XV ISA World Congress of Sociology
The Social World in the Twenty First Century:
Ambivalent Legacies and Rising Challenges
Brisbane, Australia, 2002

Programme Coordinator: Alain ChouraquiCNRS,35 Ave Jules Ferry13626 Aix-en-Provence Cedex,France,Fax: 33-4-42267937,chouraq@univ-aix.frThis provisional RC10 programme has been built on the basis of the following keywords (always in relation with RC10 generaltheme of participation):globalization;workplace and industrial relations;organization;democracy;property;culture;participatory research. Several sessions are provisional and their allocation depends on the number of paper givers registered tothe congress in January 2002. If a title of the session is given in two or three lannguages (English,French,Spanish) that meansthat any of those languages can be used at the session. Paper proposals shall be sent before September 30, 2001 to sessionschairs.
Session 1. Opening sessionRising challenges of participation,organisationall democracy and self-management in the globalization contextLos nuevos retos dela participación,la democracia organizacional y la autogestión en el contexto de la globalizaciónDéfis nouveaux pour la participation, la démocratie organisationnelle et I'autogestion dans le contexte de la mondialisationChairs:Walter Frantz, Brazil, wfrantz@unijui.tche.br, Gyórgy Szell,Germany, gszell@uni-osnabrueck.de,Vera Vratusa,Yugoslavia,vvratusa@dekart.f.bg.ac.yuA. Sessions focussed on congress symposia themesSession 2. Knowledge, creativity and communication:participation as a long learning processChairs:Richard Ruzicka,Czech Republic,richard.ruzicka@pedf.cni.cz,Heinz Süenker,Germany,suenker@uni-wuppertal.de
B. Sessions on other topicsSession 3. Workers' direct and representative participation in new organisational formsChairs: Bill Harley,Australia,b.harley@ecomfac.unimelb.edu.au,Jan Kees Looise,Netherlands,j.c.looise@sms.utwente.nl
Session 4. Participation and property: privatization and/or democratization?Chairs: Volkmar Kreissig,Bulgaria,vOlkmar@mlsp.government.bg,Michal Palgi,Israel,palgi@research.haifa.ac.il
Session 5. Participation in various cultural areas and communities: diversity and common challengesParticipación en áreas culturales y comunidades diversas:diversidad y retos comunesChairs:Dasarath Chetty,South Africa,tdchetty@pixie.udw.ac.za,Richard Harris,USA,richard_harris@monterey.edu
Session 6. Financial participation and/or organisational democracyChairs: Litsa Nicolaou-Smokoviti,Greece,Inicola@otenet.gr,Edward Zammit,Malta,ezam1@um.edu.mt
Session 7. Participation in network organisations and societyLa participation dans des organisations et une société en réseauChair: Aake Sandberg,Sweden, ake.sandberg@niwl.se
Session 8. Co-operatives,social enterprises and social auditing: engaging members and other stakeholdersChair: Leslie Brown,Canada,leslie.brown@msvu.ca
Session 9. Participation at globallevel: Porto Alegre and the World Social ForumParticipación en el plano global: Porto Alegre y el Foro Social MundialChairs: Azril Bacal,Sweden,azril@spray.se,Candido Grzybowski,Brazil,candido@ibase.br
Session 10. Participative management in Third World countries: retrospect and prospectChair: Shashi Hiremath,slhiremath1 @rediffmail.com,India
C. Sessions proposed by RC10 Ibero-American SubcommitteeSession 11. Partipación en comunidades: un balance de perspectivas teóricas y prácticasChairs: Sergio Contreras,Chile,scontreras@cis.es,Carlos Gadsden,Mexico,cgads@prodigy.net.mx
Session 12. La sociedad de la información: conocimiento y poderChairs: Antonio Lucas,Spain,lucas@eucmax.sim.ucm.es,Alejandro Piscitelli,Argentina,apiscitelli@austral.edu.ar
D. RC10 Sessions organized in cooperation with other organizationsSession 13.Multi-Ievel participation in industrial relations systemsOrganized with the Study Group on Participation of the International Industrial Relations AssociationChair:Wiking Ehlert,Germany,wiking-ehlert@t-online.de,Ray Markey,Australia, rmarkey@uow.edu.au
Session 14. Nouvelles formes de gestion participative et nouveaux équilibres de pouvoir dans I'entrepriseOrganized with the Research Committee on Sociology of Industrial Relations and of TradeUnionism of AISLFChairs:Reynald Bourque,Canada,reynald.bourque@umontreal.ca,Habib Guiza,Tunisia,habibguiza@yahoo.fr,Annette Jobert, France,annette.jobert@u-paris1 O.fr
Session 15. Actors' participation in the research processes:participatory research and action-researchOrganized with three international networks Humanization of Work and Organizational Democracy,In Search of the Good Society-the Kibbutz and Other Experiences,and Regional and Local Development of Work and Labour.Chairs: Davydd Greenwood,USA,djg6@cornell.edu,Manfred Moldasch,Germany,manfred.moldaschl @soziologie.wiso.tu-muenchen.de,Bruce Wilson,Australia,zbruce@minyos.its.rmit.eu.au
Special session 1. Nouveaux et anciens acteurs des conflitset des négociationsNuevos y viejos actores en los conflictos y los procesos de negociaciónJoint session of RC10 and RC30 Sociology of Work (to be confirmed)Chairs: Armando Steinko,Spain,asteinko@emp.ucm.es,Diane-GabrielleTremblay, Canada,diane-gabrielle_tremblay@teluq.uquebec.ca
Focussed session. The ambivalence of participation in organisational change. Challenges for democracy and efficiency
Special integrative session of RC10 Participation and Self-Management, RC17 Sociology of Organization, RC18
Political Sociology, RC26 Sociotechnics, Sociological Practice, RC32 Women and Society, RC36 Alienation Theory and
-source: ISA bulletin __83-84__