The Second International Conference on Participation, Workers' Control and Self-Management, was held in Paris, September 7-10, 1977. There were six sections with different topics:
Section 1: Political Conditions for Generalized Self-Management (37 papers and 58 participants).

Section 2: Self-Management and Labor Movements (32 papers and 45 participants).

Section 3: The Democratization of the Enterprise (60 papers and 118 participants).

Section 4: Planning and Self-Management (23 papers and 45 participants).

Section 5: Self-Management and Community Organization: Regions and Minorities (12 papers, 18 participants).

Section 6: Culture, Human Needs and Self-Management. The Self-Management of Information and Education (38 papers, 50 participants).
49 other persons participated at the Conference.
source: Isa Bulletin __30__