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Dear ISA member


I write to invite you to participate as author/editor and publish your monographs and conference proceedings in Sage Studies in International Sociology (SSIS), a publication of ISA. The objective of SSIS books is to identify new arenas of scholarship organising the discipline internationally and to publish works that reflect scientific debates currently taking place in the discipline.

SSIS would be the right place to publish because these books have the potential to be read by an extensive and a large audience as these are sold at pounds 9.99 to ISA members.

Click here for the list of books available for sale and the process through which you can avail of discounted prices.

Information regarding the process of proposal submission is available at http://www.isa-sociology.org/publ/ssis.htm and http://www.uk.sagepub.com/ssis.sp
We hope you align your work with us and help to enlarge our publication list.

Sujata Patel

Series Editor, SSIS
University of Hyderabad, India

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