Our budget is very limited - it depends on the number of dues paying members of RC10
and at the Cachan business meeting we had decided to keep our funds
to help organize our mid-term conferences and the subsequent publications.
However Japan is quite expensive for colleagues not from Asia, thus the decision (after consulting with the Secretary, two RC10 past-presidents
and our treasurer (the ISA rule here is that the decision is taken by the President and the Secretary )
to ask the Board for RC10 grants to a couple of colleagues.

We are opening this wiki page on the topic of criteria for allocating exceptionally limited number of travel grants, so all ISA RC10 members
can contribute to the discussion.

Criteria proposed in the discussion so far:

  • colleagues should be RC10 members in good standing to even be considered
  • priority should be given to those coming from countries C not having received RC10 grants previously
  • they should preferably either make an active contribution, function before and during the Congress, be student or retired colleague with seniority in RC10 that also make an important contribution
  • RC10 grant, which is very small (200EU) compared to the expenses entailed in attending the congress, should also just be
the complement that makes the difference or tips the scale to enable the colleague who gets it to attend
  • require that the grantee's institution certify they are not also financing attendance