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  • De: Fatima Assuncao [] Enviada: quinta-feira, 22 de setembro de 2016 18:53Para: ''Cc: 'Isabel da Costa'Assunto: FW: support for Turkish labor scholars

Dear RC10 members, colleagues and friends,

Please find underneath the letter sent by our colleague Adam Mrozowicki, ISA RC44 Vice-President for Communications, in support for Turkish labor scholars.
Please send him any information you might have about any concrete possibilities to help our Turkish colleagues (please see mail below for details).

Kind regards to all,
Isabel and Fatima

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  • Dear Colleagues,
  • I am writing this letter to ask for help for the labour scholars at risk in Turkey. Turkish society is going through a political turmoil under an authoritarian government and party rule in the last years. This situation is worsened after the military coup attempt by the Gülenists on the 15th of July. The government declared State of Emergency for three months to deal with so called “terrorism” in the country. Using this ground, bypassing the parliament, through the declaration of direct decisions, the government started dismissing around 50.000 public servants, teachers and academics without any legal investigations and court decisions. Among them are many progressive scholars, particularly labour scholars, who are well known with their progressive academic and intellectual work and democratic world views. The government is using this chance to clean all institutions and universities from people oppositional to their policies and political views. Ironically, many scholars, signing the letter under the name of “Academics for Peace” calling on the State to stop violence on the Southern part of Turkey, are dismissed on the 1st of September, the World Peace Day.
  • These scholars who lost their jobs are not allowed to work at any public and private universities and institutions anymore. They, with their families, having serious material and emotional difficulties and need our help urgently. In this regard, I would like to ask you if you have any doctoral, post-doctoral or higher rank scholarships, any visiting scholar positions at your institutions that could be offered to these colleagues.
  • It is time to show solidarity with our colleagues in Turkey. We would be very happy if you could send information to the ISA RC44 Vicepresident for Communications ( or RC44 board about any concrete possibilities immediately.
  • On behalf of the Research Committee 44 (Labor Movements) of the International Sociological Association.
  • Yours,
  • dr hab. Adam Mrozowicki
  • ISA RC44 Vice-President for Communications
  • Institute of Sociology, University of Wrocław, POLAND

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