Earth Engagement and Capacity Building

We are finding ways to work on earth engagement through an institute and/or a network spanning our different organisations and initiatives in different parts of the world.

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To: Janet McIntyre; Eshantha Ariyadasa; Leonie Solomons

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Subject: Re: earth engagement and capacity building meeting

Hello Everyone!
I will be your host for our conversation on Sunday. There are 3 important details to pay attention to

1) TIME:
Nikitas chose the perfect time for this group. Let me know right away if you have questions!
USA Washington DC: 07:30
UK: 11:30,
Europe: 12:30,
Greece: 13:30,
Adelaide: 22:00

We will meet online at this URL **** You will be able to see a white board/computer screen and you will be able to hear people talk. We ask that you use a headset with a built in microphone if at all possible.

There are a few steps to getting into the room and being able to talk as well as hear others. They are easy steps, but you will want to practice at least once so your computer knows what to do and you know what to do!
a) Browsers: Use FireFox, Internet Explorer or the AdobeConnect app for iPad. (Do not use Chrome)
b.) If you wonder if your computer is going to be able to connect, you can go to this link and it will let you know.
c.) Go to **** and enter your first and last name then click on the Enter button. Let your computer connect...It may flash different windows before it settles into the room.
d.) Watch the Virtual Room video for a demo of how to participate in the meeting on Sunday. It's on youtube:

Finally, it would be nice to know who will be attending, please send a quick message back saying you WILL or WILL NOT be attending.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Sun, 23 Mar 2014 08:52:41 -0400

Hello everyone,

Here is a link to the recording of our first Earth Engagement. It is 1 hour 10 minutes long. ****

1st Earth Engagement Dialogue

Attached is the text from the Chat room:

We will be in touch with more information about our next steps sometime this week.

take care,


janet mcintyre:testing the connection, hello everyone :)

janet mcintyre:Oh good it seems to be working I will make a coffee in the meantime :) Janet

janet mcintyre:thankyou for the exccellent training video Gayle

janet mcintyre:hello Chris glad to hear from u :0

Heiner-mobile-II:hi hi

janet mcintyre:hello Gayle , thankyu I am here I am trying to turnon the mike

Chris Sampson:Hi folks

Gayle Underwood:Hi Chris

Gayle Underwood:We haven't started yet

Chris Sampson:ok thanks Gayle Future Day - Global Challenges for Humanity

Gayle Underwood:I have a start time in 15 I put a stop watch up...

Gayle Underwood:I'm going to get a drink, i will be right back

janet mcintyre:thankyou

Heiner-mobile-II:I have done recently a time-line of virtual conferencing exercises, maybe milestones !? of this very recent possibilities - I come exercises around e-learning and e-communication from 1981-today. Timeline.

Gayle Underwood:good morning Tom

Gayle Underwood:Hi Nikitas

Chris Sampson:I'm keen to understand the 'scope' of what you are trying to set in place Janet. Is there a definition of 'Earth Engagement' ?

janet mcintyre:hello Chris welcome to you Chris So glad you are here

Nikitas Assimakopoulos:Hi to all of you from a sunny day here in Piraeus (Post of Athens) Greece.

janet mcintyre:hello Nikitas thankyou lovely to see u

Chris Sampson:I think the stopwatch is using quite a lot of bandwidth...interupting the audio stream

janet mcintyre:thanku heiner

Chris Sampson:Janet - can I do a test on my mic ?

janet mcintyre:yes chris

Nikitas Assimakopoulos:Of course with Webex we could have your video live during the meeting. I could support only up to 25 people during the e-meeting as this is our licence.

Chris Sampson:Yes webex would hav been good !

Chris Sampson:25 people is probably enough for this type of chat ?

janet mcintyre:welcome eshanta

eshantha:Hi everyone, I am here at home. I can here all of you very clearly. Keep going!

eshantha:Of course

Heiner-mobile-II:is there VIDEO !? can we test it??

Gayle Underwood:There is video but we are wondering about the bandwidth

eshantha:Thanks for having me.

Heiner-mobile-II:I am permanently with you, but will mute my mike - only speaking when I Feel and urge or receive questions.

Jenneth Parker:Hi everyone - sorry to be late!

janet mcintyre:thankyu chris

janet mcintyre:Hello Jenneth lovely to see u:)

janet mcintyre:hello brentyn thankyou for joining us and hello Tom

Chris Sampson:

janet mcintyre:I think that subsidiarity is the core term -

Jenneth Parker:what about each participant undertaking writing a paragraph of their perspectives after the meeting?

janet mcintyre:That sounds like an excellent idea Jenneth - we could each come up with some ideas and see where there are overlaps

Gayle Underwood:We could post the paragraphs online so everyone can read them...maybe the start of our sharing space?

janet mcintyre:That sounds like a brilliant idea - and it could enable the developing of chapters

Jenneth Parker:Tom I think the digital side is hugely important - to look at the new opps that this offers

janet mcintyre:who would like to go next?

Jenneth Parker:can you hear me? sorry tech question - how do I go next???

janet mcintyre:Thanks Chris

Gayle Underwood:Jenneth, have you tried your microphone?

janet mcintyre:You can pit your hand up Jenneth if you want to speak

Gayle Underwood:You can use your mic or type in chat

janet mcintyre:It was a great project and it would be great to address in a larger group -

janet mcintyre:yes !

janet mcintyre:thank u

Jenneth Parker:sorry my remarks were addressed to Chris not Tom- got mixed up!

janet mcintyre:should i mute the microphone

janet mcintyre:yes it is working

Heiner-mobile-II:janet your mike is still muted

janet mcintyre:thankyou I will send to you

janet mcintyre:homelessness is a good starting point to reach diverse groups , chris

janet mcintyre:thankyou jenneth for your ideas, i agree

Chris Sampson:thanks Jenneth very interesting

Gayle Underwood:I'm muting people to help with sound issues

Chris Sampson:ok thanks Gayle :-)

Jenneth Parker:As a further point I should say that we were working with a concept of nested scales from individual to global and the need to look at how different layers of governance and agency can both empower human freedom and save the planet!

Gayle Underwood:Please don't think I don't want you to talk :)

janet mcintyre:all good :)

Jenneth Parker:Gayle - that is a good procedure!

Chris Sampson:Yes I understand Gayle - this intersects really well with the Kractal framework approach...

Chris Sampson:I don't think we've heard from eshantha yet ?

janet mcintyre:over to u eshanta

eshantha:can you hear me?

Chris Sampson:no we can't hear you

Chris Sampson:try changing to a different input using the drop-down box next to the mute button ?

eshantha:sorry all right!

Jenneth Parker:at the last UKSS conference someone introduced the work that is being done on providing emotional coping and understanding strategies starting in kindergarten. Can we link systems approaches to the moral and social learning needed for co-existence?

janet mcintyre:global agoras can do that

janet mcintyre:Yes ethics and systemic thinking go hand in hand

Gayle Underwood:Heiner can you turn your mic down?

eshantha:I can hear all your voices very clearly, Sorry I cannot get my voice in. If it doesnot work, I would rather be a good listener today.

janet mcintyre:Thankyou Eshanta - prefiguring small projects is the basis of change ...principle of subsidiarity- Eshanta is doing this

janet mcintyre:small is beautiful - but we do need to always preserve space for diversity -...all systems need to be open to testing

janet mcintyre:So what project do we want to work on? kindergartens, schools - building capacity - also local governments?

janet mcintyre:thankyou Chris

Jenneth Parker:one key methodology we developed in Converge was participatory systems modelling on the food system as a pilot theme. In relation to the planetary commons and Convergence I think our contribution is a political vision that can help to focus political alliances that are needed to shift power

janet mcintyre:tom's point about people not having local communities...this is a real problem in capitalist society --people too busy

Jenneth Parker:I like the idea of having projects - and could tell some more about our current projects?

Chris Sampson:Yes I think coming together of systems-thinking and design-thinking is key...and I also like the idea of Tom's 'capacity building for complex deliberation'...and civic collaborative action...

Jenneth Parker: a collision of good intentions would be a good thing to model

janet mcintyre:yes, so building community is the first step - always needs to be local

janet mcintyre:just listening and being a good neighbour

Chris Sampson:thanks Tom

janet mcintyre:thanks Tom

Jenneth Parker:I think that the 'community of inquiry'

Chris Sampson:lost you for a while....

Gayle Underwood:glad you are back

Chris Sampson:big lightning storm here in Sydney

janet mcintyre:take care Chris we understand if you lose us

Jenneth Parker:yes great ideas for focussing more

Chris Sampson:Hi - back - sorry I missed a bit

Jenneth Parker:we have an Erasmus bid to develop sustainability courses for Central and Eastern Europe that focusses on capacity building in civil society - this will be an online course (if we get the money!)

Jenneth Parker:Schumacher is using scenario approaches to work with local government on systemic linking of issues

Jenneth Parker:thanks very much Gayle - its a good idea to build as we go

Jenneth Parker:Does the chat get recorded in some way?

Jenneth Parker:Do these comments get recorded?

Chris Sampson:thanks Janet

janet mcintyre:yes

eshantha:I think my inbuilt mic had troubles. I will try to work it out next time. But it was very informative. Thanks for everyone's contributions. I learnt a lot. Good night here from Adelaide!

Gayle Underwood:The Chat will be exported as text and everyone will have accesss to the recording (which will show the chat room) and a text file that is only the chat room.

Jenneth Parker:Thanks Gayle

Gayle Underwood:Good night Eshantha

janet mcintyre:i agree - learn by doing and by prefiguring through small projects

janet mcintyre:good night eshanta

Jenneth Parker:I think I have said enough for one go!

janet mcintyre:good night jenneth

Gayle Underwood:I'm so glad you were here Jenneth, thanks for participating!

janet mcintyre:thankyou all I am most grateful

janet mcintyre:bye Chris and thankyou

janet mcintyre:being the change - max neef

janet mcintyre:i agree

Jenneth Parker:meeting up would be great - Janet is coming to see us but thanks to all for very rich discussion!

eshantha:Thanks again everyone, very good night to some people and good morning and good afternoon to others!

Chris Sampson:good night everyone

Tom Flanagan:Good night everyone

janet mcintyre:thank you Gayel

janet mcintyre:you are a star thankyou

Chris Sampson:Great - many thanks Gayle

Chris Sampson:thanks

Heiner-mobile-II:bye bye